Astrid Klein’s Public Lecture

February 11, 2023By archmanNews
As part of the year-long celebration of our school’s 25th anniversary, we were holding a lecture as just one of many special events.
Reflecting on the title of this lecture, Astrid Klein on February 11 at Alliance Francaise Bangkok took us to look at architecture from another view angle which is about “Joy” and posts a question: “How can architecture be joyful?” And her faith is that it is an approach to make it sustainable. The event was over, but the memory lives on.

Transcending a (mere) Void Workshop

February 10, 2023By archmanNews
One of our 25th anniversary celebration event!!
On February 10, 2023, we welcomed architecture and design students and professors from six universities, including KMITL, RMUTR, Rangsit, Chulalongkorn, Silpakorn and Bangkok University to “Transcending a (mere) Void,” our international design workshop with Astrid Klein. The School of Architecture and Design conducted this activity as part of a two-day event with Klein. It’s a full-day design charette in which participants collaborated with a team and mentors to generate an idea for a specific place. Rev. Bro. Dr. Verayuth Boonpram, Vice President of Student Affairs, presided over the occasion.
Throughout the day, groups of students from various schools brainstormed, designed, and developed a design concept in our studio, which was critiqued by Klein. The final event was the judging and awards ceremony. Everyone had a great time, and the workshop was so successful that we not only created a fantastic design, but we also developed contacts with the other participating architectural schools.😊
About the workshop critic, Astrid Dytham is an Italian architect whose office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Klein Dytham Architecture, a renowned studio co-founded by Mark Dytham and her in 1991, has won numerous awards, including the American Retail Environment Awards, D&AD awards, and Dezeen Awards. Their famous commercial design project “Village” of shops, restaurants, and co-working space, within Amanda Levet’s in Central Embassy Bangkok, was completed in 2017.😄

Bottleless at Bangkok Design Week

February 9, 2023By archmanNews
 ‘,’ a garden lounger made from recycled plastic bottle caps, was designed by a group of researchers/designers from the School of Architecture and Design and the School of Science and Technology, AU. Upcycling can help with eliminating waste and environmental preservation. What really characterizes it is its ability to detect PM2.5 dust levels in real-time, which is a huge trend right now. The AQI is indicated by color-coded lights in the bed frame. If pollution levels rose, you would be cautioned that relaxing on a good day would be dangerous. The interactive, color-changing lights on the daybed lend to its one-of-a-kind design.
The research team consists of lecturer Apinantaya Bua-iem and lecturer Daruswat Wattanarojjananikorn from the Department of Interior Design, Asst. Prof. Dr. Benjawan Srisura and lecturer Tapanan Yeophantong from Sci-Tech. AU. The material for the design team was contributed by WASTIC_ PROJECT. The exhibition was on display at Chulalongkorn University from February 4 to 12 as part of Bangkok Design Week.

CRDIS at Bangkok Design Week

February 7, 2023By archmanNews
  Tucked down in a quiet Chinese side street Trok Tao is Wat Bamphen Chin Phrot or Wat Yong Hok Yi, a sacred temple of the Chinese Buddhist faith. A tiny sanctuary, but it was one of the first Chinese refugee communities when the first Chinese diaspora landed in Yawarat, Bangkok hundreds of years ago. Now it’s the China Town of Bangkok. Many people aren’t aware of its existence. Are there any ways a designer can bring such gems to the light? Creating creative and eye-catching walls and ceilings can help to draw attention to this precious sanctuary and bring it out of the shadows. In the design for Bangkok Design Week, a team of interior architecture and interior design students led by CRDIS at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design tackled the issue of how to approach a novel design bit to usher people in. Recladding of the shrine features Chinese motifs. They’re taken from a painting by a British artist. Plus, the lighting has been spruced up with a cool set that does more than just illuminate the place. Breathing new life into the area, the remake of the enclave not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing but also brings a unique Chinese nostalgic experience to its visitors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – come check it out before February 12th! Fabulous folks!

ASA 20 x 20

January 25, 2023By archmanNews
Join us on February 1, 2023, to hear about the professional design work our alums have accomplished. Inspiring tales of our grads’ journeys into the design business and their successes thus far will be shared with you at this event. Pecha Kucha presentation by ASA and Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design titled “Achievements & Challenges,” taking place at Lido Connect 1 from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. You may also watch us on the ASA Platform via live broadcast. Spots for this lecture are free, but registration is required in advance at, as there are only a certain number available.

Awarding the Best Theses in 2022

January 23, 2023By archmanNews

At our school, students spend their final year working on a culminating design project that serves as both their thesis and their ticket to graduation. Students must show in their capstone projects not only that they have learned the materials well, but also that they can apply it in real-world situations. Many of the projects are outstanding, and their creators should be commended for their efforts. To honor and recognize its graduating students, the School of Architecture and Design has selected the theses that were determined to be the BEST among those submitted by students in the graduation studios. Architecture, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design alums are the awardees. The awardees here are recent grads whose outstanding efforts sparked novel research and design. Dean Asst. Prof. Suparath Valaisathien presented the awards to the winners. And the names of all winners are listed below. Congratulations!





The St. De La Salle Award

December 26, 2022By archmanNews
Let’s celebrate our long dedicated faculties and staffs.
Assumption University of Thailand offers numerous awards to recognize outstanding employees who are dedicated and have driven the University’s success throughout the years.
The St. De La Salle Award is given to faculty members who have served Assumption University as lecturers for more than twenty-five years. These faculty members have made invaluable contributions to the teaching profession and have maintained high standards of excellence in their profession. They have displayed exemplary attitude and professionalism for younger members of the University to emulate. Most importantly, they have been committed to the development of the total being of students academically, emotionally and morally.
1. Ms. Ornla-Or Homsettee. Full-time lecturer, Director of Center of Research and Design Innovation Service ( CRDIS ) , Montfort Del Rosario School of Architecture and Design .
2. Mrs. Piyanat Dabbhasuta . Full-time lecturer, Department of Interior Architecture – Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design.
The St. Joseph Award is given to full-time staff members who have served Assumption University for over twenty-five years. These staff members have fulfilled their work and responsibilities to the best of their ability and have rendered satisfactory service to the University, faculty members and students. They have shown exemplary work attitude, dedication and commitment to the University that are worthy of recognition.
1. Mr. Bhurijiwat Chuenjaiwang. Staff, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design.
2. Ms. Thanyatorn Amornkitpinyo. Staff, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design.
3. Mr. Pinit Komkliang. Staff, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design

AAU25+ Social Service Activities

December 22, 2022By archmanNews

To commemorate 25th anniversary and celebrate this year founding day of Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design (AAU) on 19th December 2022, the faculty, alumni and current students went to Camillian Home for Children Living With Disabilities in Ladk Kra Bang for social service activities.
A memorable day of recreational activities, gifts, lunch sharing and music from AAU student crew joyously brought smiles and laughter to everyone.

Award at CDAST 2022

December 22, 2022By archmanNews
Our school would like to congratulate her on winning an “Award of Outstanding” in the CDAST Exhibition, which was unveiled on December 20, 2022 at the BACC Pathumwan Bangkok in the 6th Architecture and Design Exhibition 2022, as her masterpiece chosen to receive this recognition in the category of Design and Fine Arts was a sculpture titled “ .”
Klairung Attanatho is a full-time instructor at Montfort del Rosario School, as well as a prolific artist who regularly produced and published works in a variety of genres, including 3D arts and sculptures, the latter of which is apparently her repertoire. Her most recent major display was DIOramicism, which she co-exhibited with four other artists on 3D arts earlier this year, and her Water Buffalo series sculptures, which she created some years ago at Lhong 1919.
The bronze casted bust sculpture “ ” delves into the expressive gesture. Despite the subject’s plenty of picture (realistic) sources, her work included an in-depth inquiry to re-read into the moment of his posture and facial motions, therefore grasping the subject’s discretion. According to Klairung, in her endeavor to depict a real moment of the late King Bhumibol, she compiled a series of images from various viewpoints for selecting the emotive moment and gesture read as the in-betweenness of the sources. As a consequence of her interpretation of this art and her venture, the resulting re-fabricated seems delineate a compelling mild smile—almost smile-yet-not-pretty-much.
This exhibition will be on display until December 25, 2022.
Ajarn Klairung, congratulations — It’s great!