Lecture Series #6 “Skin Pandemonium”
with Suriya Koonsawasdikool

February 8, 2024: 1:30 pm

Join us for an exciting session with Suriya Koonsawasdikool, a Thai architect and artist, as we conclude our lecture series “Skin Pandemonium at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design. With an educational background that spans a B.Arch. from KMITL and a Master’s degree in Building Innovation Technology from Kasetsart University, Suriya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in building envelope design honed since 1990.
Explore the cutting edge of architecture as Suriya talks about his long career and the important things he has done for projects in Thailand and other tropical countries. He is not just an expert in theory, he has a lot of real-world experience consulting on the building of facades for big projects in Southeast Asia. Suriya is very keen at architecture and also a passionate artist whose work can be seen in galleries.
This final lecture of our series, scheduled for February 8, 2024, at 1:30 pm in the AR Minitheater, with issues in the tectonic and scientific aspects of facade design. Learn how the right facade can not only enhance a building’s sustainability but also elevate its aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re an architecture student seeking to enrich your design or an enthusiast eager to explore the intersection of art of architecture and techniques, this lecture will offer valuable perspectives on how to leverage design for tropical climates.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Come, be inspired, and unlock the potential to transform your architectural designs with knowledge from one of the field’s most distinguished voices. See you there!