Foundation of film history had emerged in the area of nostalgic Bangkok cultural neighborhood; Wang Burapha district, where the monument of ‘Chalerm Krung Royal Theater’ performs as a symbolic of film history which is a significant cultural identity of the city. By encountering the state of city development in globalized society, ‘Chalerm Krung Royal Theater’ will be performed as a historical projection of the city while improving contextual relationship of reality. Inserting relational facilities to encourage an area to be crafted by filmic moment, bonding life, and city and culture altogether into an institution of creative filmmakers. The concept of montage can be explored according to the study of cinematic and filmic momentwhich separates theoretical into 4 categories.

Sequences and Events > Narrative Qualities

Movement and Passage > spectator Qualities

Framing of Space > Optical Qualities

Rhythm and Sound of Space > temporal Qualities

The idea of projection provides the public connection of Bangkok Film Institute and encourages the activities in front of the open area of Chalerm Krung Royal Theater. The landscape also can signify the connection of the project. The across-the-road projection performs only in the night; providing daytime activities and visual connection to create the interrelationship of architecture that has the dialogue with the existing context of Chalerm Krung Royal Theater.