Santy Luangkhot (AR 13)

My name is Santy Luangkhot, or Dono (AR 13). I am from Laos and my hometown is in Vientiane. I am recently graduated from AAU, 2014. I honestly had a great time and a lot of passions studying Architecture in ABAC; because, in an international environment, there are lots of cultural encounters and exchanges. Those knowledge are very important; they help us improve our personal ethics, to understand and respect different cultures, And obviously, to improve our English communication skills.

 In terms of Design, personally, “I was always happy that there is no outline limiting our ideas. But sometimes, we just need to create our own meaningful and nice outline to shape them.”

Reza Roustaei Khoshkbijari (AR13)

I’m from Iran and I graduated from AAU on 2014. Studying in ABAC gave me a good chance to make friends and learn about people of other cultures and gave me the opportunity to learn how to work with them in a group. By studying 5 years in ABAC I challenged myself to improve many personal and professional skills which lead me to learn more about my passions and potentials.

Muhammad Bagus Aditya (AR11)

My name is Muhammad Aditya, or Adit for short. I was born in Indonesia, raised in Australia and graduated University in Thailand. Now I am currently back in my homeland fully enjoying working for a small architecture consultant firm called SubVisionary.