Assistant Professor Chutarat  Laomanacharoen


Tel (662) 7232822 ext. 2825

Asst. Prof. Chutarat holds a bachelor degree in industrial design from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and a Master of Science in Design Theory, Methodology, and Criticism from Arizona State University, USA. Her dichotomous background in industrial design and interior architectural design has fueled her interest in pursuing philosophical meanings of design. As an educator and practicing professional in both fields, Chutarat strives to bring the attention of students and practitioners in Thailand toward rarely discussed issue of design theories through various researches and publications. Gaining assistant professorship in 2011, she currently holds the position as the chairperson of the department of product design at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University, Thailand.

Recent works:

Asst.Prof. Chutarat has recently been invited to speak at ACT Forum 2020 about the theory that she worked with Associate Professor Jon Charles Coe: Eco-Equilibrium Design, which aims to re-evaluate the relationship among humanity+animality+ecology in order to bring about a balance in the post-covid world.