Dichila Pasanta

Email : dichilapsn@au.edu



After graduating Bachelor of Architecture in Interior Architecture with academic excellent award at Assumption University, Thailand. Dichila worked as an interior designer to have residential work experience before going to study Master of Arts in Interior Design at Edinburgh College Of Arts, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Regarding her professional practice in interior design field, she worked for global interior design firms, Concept i Design and Space Matrix, which dealt with many amusement parks, commercial and workplace projects across Thailand, China and Middle East countries. Due to her instinctive sense of space aesthetic and creative function, her interior design regularly cater the hybrid space which reflects user’s character without impairing function. Her expertise in various interior design resulting from over 10 years practice has passed through students as interior design creative system, together with students’s design character. She is still frequently practicing and updating her interior design skills with her forceful passion, her creative work projects have exhibited every year, and turned the design skill experiences through all students.
Research Interest
Her research is to explore the combination of multiple elements of technology, interior design space aesthetic and creative function. Her practice has passed among students, professionals and academics.