Orn_laor Homsettee

Email : ornlaawtnp@au.edu


Orn_laor Homsettee is an interior architect an instructor of Interior Architecture Program at School of Architecture and Design (AAU), Assumption University of Thailand and Director of Center of Research and Design innovation service ( CRDIS ). Orn_laor holds Bachelor of fine art Silapakorn university, Bangkok , Thailand and Master of fine art Academy of Art university , Sanfrancisco , CA. , USA. Over the years she has served as the Head of the Department of Interior Architecture to providing a vision for educational administration along with curriculum that develops sustainable learners. Ornla-or design philosophy from professional work experience both research academic and professional in Universal Design, Therapeutic for special needs , Sustainablility Design. Orn_laor create social impact and build a stronger community service as an Director of Center of Research and Design Innovation Service (CRDIS) . Education should be used as a tool that facilitates to provide students with an experience in the areas necessary to occupy life in society, it is the factor influencing management effectiveness. Orn_laor develop a passion for learning that leraner can use throughout their lives and uses a sustainable design philosophy to drive at each stage of organization management.

Research Interest
- Evidence-based practice (EBP)
- Exploratory research design in PR & Media planning
- Field research design / Wellness and Universal Design