Dr. Sanga Monthatipkul

Email: sangamnt@au.edu

Tel: 0642343035

Dr. Sanga Monthatipkul is a product design engineer. He completed his doctoral and master’s degree from Swinburne University in Australia, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Kasetsart University in Thailand. In addition, his passion in education profession has encouraged him to complete a Certificate IV teaching qualification in Training and Assessment from Australia. Moreover, he has fulfilled his ongoing interest in exercise and healthy living by completing a certified personal trainer course (Fitness Innovation Thailand), which has become one of his expertise.
Having several years’ experience working in engineering professional, Dr. Sanga has actively been developing his academic career since 2002. He has essential skills and knowledge in conducting independent research of high originality and quality, and exceptional research skills in applied 3D Computer Graphics and related digital technology. He has specialization in wearable safety gear and computer modeling visualization. His research interest also includes ergonomics and safety design, CAD and CAE, product for active lifestyle for health and wellbeing, camera system and photography, multimedia and 3D animation.
His recent work in facial protection design has won Triangulum Award from the Design Literacy Forum IX organized by Assumption University’s school of Architecture. Furthermore, he has expanded his interest into logistics and supply chain by participating in two research publications. He is currently working with Product Design school at Assumption University of Thailand.