Vatcharat  Samakkamai

Tel. 086-906-0080
Facebook: Vatcharatana Samakkamai

Vatcharat holds a Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Thailand. His professional practice in Interior Design field started at MLTD & Associates and Robert G. Boughey and Associates respectively. He cultivates his forceful passion in design practices through a variety of residential and commercial interior Design projects.
After his acquisition of a Master degree in Interior Design from Academy of Art University, USA in 1997, Vatcharat eventually pursued his professional career in the academic field as a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at Assumption University, Thailand in 1998. He has passed on his expertise to the student through design studios with a main focus on the conceptual approaches that potentially benefits the space planning and design solutions.
Furthermore, his interests in the sustainable idea of “Adaptive Reused”, guide his practice towards the approach of revitalization and repurposing of old buildings with new spaces and functions while simultaneously retaining their inherent features and characters.
Research Interest
Beside Vatcharat’s position of the Chairperson of Interior Architecture Department, He also conducts researches on the topic of sustainable design and the design for the elderly. As the world slowly approaches the era of Ageing Society; he starts to conduct a personal research for his own property in Chiang Mai, Thailand with an aim to accommodate the ever-growing aging population.