Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University is proud to be a part of the Bangkok Design Week 2020. The annual design event by Creative Economy Agency (CEA) is widely recognized by professionals and academics in the design industry. The School of Architecture and Design invites everyone to visit the 3 projects reflecting the main theme of “Resilience: New Potential for Living” as follows:

1. “Furnitecture”: A showcase of 12 unique furniture pieces in the underground exhibition hall at Thailand Creative Design Center (TCDC) and around Charoenkrung District. The project was one of the few selected by Bangkok Design Week 2020 to reflect this year’s theme of “Resilience.” In this project, the department of Interior Architecture and the department of Product Design collaborated with alumni and local business owners in the social service project aiming to revitalize local Bangkok neighborhood with furniture design. Led by instructors of IN 4306 Furniture Production Design and PD 3407 Furniture Design, students conducted Ethno-Morphological survey of architectural space of various retail shops to discover the suitable design approach tailored to the needs of the business and reflects the identity of the community. This experimental project also aligns students with entrepreneurial opportunities for their future in furniture design industry. As a result, the furniture can transcend architectural space in a surprising way. Furniture design taxonomy was redefined to illustrate the power of design and creativity in responding to conative and emotive function as well as propelling the economy. [Read more..]


2. Exhibition at Ari District of an exploration of small space and pocket park. As a response to today’s crowding cities, there is a growing interest in small-scale urban parks or pocket parks that can improve city life by functioning as the city’s lung, as required by law and regulations, and as a place for recreation, as well as public leisure. Led by the instructor in AR 4301 Urban Design, students from the department of Architecture revisited Phaya Thai district, Bangkok, which has a few pocket parks in between the residential, commercial, or mixed land-use zones in order to propose an “upgrade” of the area by creating more parks on the vacant lands, increasing greenery, re-designing the paths, re-locating and adding facilities and amenities, and using sustainable materials in the park. The project helped the students understand this new trend and how to bring it into the planning and design of urban neighborhood. [Read more…]

3. Learning media by TeamChart, a team of 4th year students from the department of Architecture for the exhibition at Thonglor-Ekamai District of an installation from recycle trash “Eco Brick,” an eco campaign led by Spacetime Architects and allies of Thong-Eak neighborhood.
Thonglor-Ekamai district or Thong-Eak is aimed to be developed to become the future Creative District as planned by Thailand Creative Design Center (TCDC) since it contains some unique sense of history, culture and business. During Bangkok Design Week 2020, from February 1-9, 2020, “Thong-Ek Creative Neighborhood,” comprising of furniture and home decoration business entrepreneurs, architects, landscape architects, interior designers and graphic designers from Thonglor-Ekamai district, collaborate to showcase new ideas as well as creativity through the 3 main common interests of; Sustainable Green, 24-hour Lifestyle District and Design & Art Pleasure that will support the sustainable growth of Thonglor-Ekamai together with the development of the city of Bangkok. [Read more…]