Announcement from Office of the University Registrar
Changes in course fee to reflect teaching and learning
The Office of the University Registrar has changed the title of the fee for courses of the School of Architecture and Design into “Design Course Fees” to reflect the teaching and learning of the school. However, the amount of the fee remains the same. The change is in effect for students ID number starts with 64 and above for the following courses from semester 1/2022 onwards.
Architecture Department
AR2202 AR2204 AR3203 AR3207 AR4207 AR4208 AR5206
Interior Architecture Department
IN2202 IN2204 IN3203 IN3207 IN3208 IN4207
Interior Design Department
IND2201 IND2202 IND3201 IND3202 IND4201
Product Design Department
PD2203 PD2204 PD3203 PD3204 PD4205
17 May 2022