Our school would like to congratulate her on winning an “Award of Outstanding” in the CDAST Exhibition, which was unveiled on December 20, 2022 at the BACC Pathumwan Bangkok in the 6th Architecture and Design Exhibition 2022, as her masterpiece chosen to receive this recognition in the category of Design and Fine Arts was a sculpture titled “ .”
Klairung Attanatho is a full-time instructor at Montfort del Rosario School, as well as a prolific artist who regularly produced and published works in a variety of genres, including 3D arts and sculptures, the latter of which is apparently her repertoire. Her most recent major display was DIOramicism, which she co-exhibited with four other artists on 3D arts earlier this year, and her Water Buffalo series sculptures, which she created some years ago at Lhong 1919.
The bronze casted bust sculpture “ ” delves into the expressive gesture. Despite the subject’s plenty of picture (realistic) sources, her work included an in-depth inquiry to re-read into the moment of his posture and facial motions, therefore grasping the subject’s discretion. According to Klairung, in her endeavor to depict a real moment of the late King Bhumibol, she compiled a series of images from various viewpoints for selecting the emotive moment and gesture read as the in-betweenness of the sources. As a consequence of her interpretation of this art and her venture, the resulting re-fabricated seems delineate a compelling mild smile—almost smile-yet-not-pretty-much.
This exhibition will be on display until December 25, 2022.
Ajarn Klairung, congratulations — It’s great!