From October 30 to November 2, 2023, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University, participated in a Summer Workshop with the Architecture Program of Vietnamese-German University in Vietnam for students to promote co-working and co-learning together among students of both universities. This project focuses on creating and designing a façade system suitable for tropical climates and learning to practice working skills in the wood workshop. The study site is the internal space of Vietnamese-German University. The project received good support and cooperation from the university. The project aims to explore and present possibilities to improve and improve user comfort.

AAU and VGU students were divided into five mixed groups. To work brainstorming and under the guidance of the lecturers. A challenge with this project was the limited time to design a new façade for the chosen area to combine with the existing façade and walkways to develop, protect and improve comfort to the architectural style that is attractive, creative and blends in with the surroundings.