AAU25+ Social Service Activities

December 22, 2022By archmanNews

To commemorate 25th anniversary and celebrate this year founding day of Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design (AAU) on 19th December 2022, the faculty, alumni and current students went to Camillian Home for Children Living With Disabilities in Ladk Kra Bang for social service activities.
A memorable day of recreational activities, gifts, lunch sharing and music from AAU student crew joyously brought smiles and laughter to everyone.

Award at CDAST 2022

December 22, 2022By archmanNews
Our school would like to congratulate her on winning an “Award of Outstanding” in the CDAST Exhibition, which was unveiled on December 20, 2022 at the BACC Pathumwan Bangkok in the 6th Architecture and Design Exhibition 2022, as her masterpiece chosen to receive this recognition in the category of Design and Fine Arts was a sculpture titled “ .”
Klairung Attanatho is a full-time instructor at Montfort del Rosario School, as well as a prolific artist who regularly produced and published works in a variety of genres, including 3D arts and sculptures, the latter of which is apparently her repertoire. Her most recent major display was DIOramicism, which she co-exhibited with four other artists on 3D arts earlier this year, and her Water Buffalo series sculptures, which she created some years ago at Lhong 1919.
The bronze casted bust sculpture “ ” delves into the expressive gesture. Despite the subject’s plenty of picture (realistic) sources, her work included an in-depth inquiry to re-read into the moment of his posture and facial motions, therefore grasping the subject’s discretion. According to Klairung, in her endeavor to depict a real moment of the late King Bhumibol, she compiled a series of images from various viewpoints for selecting the emotive moment and gesture read as the in-betweenness of the sources. As a consequence of her interpretation of this art and her venture, the resulting re-fabricated seems delineate a compelling mild smile—almost smile-yet-not-pretty-much.
This exhibition will be on display until December 25, 2022.
Ajarn Klairung, congratulations — It’s great!

Vertical competition 2022

December 15, 2022By archmanAnnouncement

The Vertical competition 2022 held on 28 November 2022, this year’s theme involves Extreme weather gear for students to design. A dress that is not only beautiful but has functions that Help protect the wearer from the harsh weather.

Continuing its tradition of AAU Vertical Competition where 1styr. to 4th yr. students participate in a design battle. Its intentions are not only to promote creative environment, but also to invigorate all students at halfway of its school calendar. Every year a design challenge is organized by the School and introduced to students. Students have 7 days to complete the design task and its final production for a public presentation. Jurors from various creative professions are also invited to offer comments and scores for the participants.


This year we present “Extreme Weather Gear Design Competition.” Students are asked to design the skin that not only aesthetically pleasing but must also protect the wearer from a harsh weather. Judging criteria includes:


– Creativities

– Functionality

– Aesthetics

The winners: 

1. Rama sao 6138129

2. Eangkong Lim 6218104

1 st runner up:

   ​​​1. Monineath Chea 6511905

  ​​​2.Chansakkakkeaminy Seng 6510805

   ​​​3.Por An Be 6520233

2 nd runners up:

1. Kimheang Chea

2. Vuthy Sereyvattanak 

3. Sothida Phong

4. Sovanary Kim

Popular vote:

1. Aisha Yusuf

2. Morgane Prathompak

3. Pyae Phyo Thu



We thank you for the kind supports from our main sponsors: Thai Bav (EISA), Lamitak and Formica. Nonetheless our much appreciation also goes to our students and colleagues from AAU for their effort and contribution to make this year yet another successful event.

2nd ABAC Open Charity Golf Tournament 2022

December 1, 2022By archmanNews
To commemorate our 25th anniversary and continue our tradition in annual meeting among friends and colleagues; on November 10th, 2022 Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design (AAU) in collaboration with the alumni association (AAUA) hosted its 2nd annual ABAC Open Charity Golf Tournament. The event aims to support academic service in needed area for design and construction in Thailand. As for this year, part of the raised funds contributes to a migrant school in Mae Sot, Thailand. Adobe Construction of the school will begin promptly in January 2023 with support from Professor Jan Glasmeir of Simple Architecture. Students from our AAU school are expected to join with his students from Germany to complete the project.
With beautiful acoustic music in the background played by our friends and colleagues, the theme of Vintage to add a little more colors and fun to the event and, the prizes to all levels of golfers, making this year a delightful event for all.
Many thanks to participants from our alumni and friends in architecture design and construction profession and to our prominent partners for your generous supports and wonderful moment together. Moreover, our much appreciation goes to our colleagues from AAU for their effort and support to make this year yet another successful event. We hope to see you all again in ABAC Open 2023.