Tucked down in a quiet Chinese side street Trok Tao is Wat Bamphen Chin Phrot or Wat Yong Hok Yi, a sacred temple of the Chinese Buddhist faith. A tiny sanctuary, but it was one of the first Chinese refugee communities when the first Chinese diaspora landed in Yawarat, Bangkok hundreds of years ago. Now it’s the China Town of Bangkok. Many people aren’t aware of its existence. Are there any ways a designer can bring such gems to the light? Creating creative and eye-catching walls and ceilings can help to draw attention to this precious sanctuary and bring it out of the shadows. In the design for Bangkok Design Week, a team of interior architecture and interior design students led by CRDIS at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design tackled the issue of how to approach a novel design bit to usher people in. Recladding of the shrine features Chinese motifs. They’re taken from a painting by a British artist. Plus, the lighting has been spruced up with a cool set that does more than just illuminate the place. Breathing new life into the area, the remake of the enclave not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing but also brings a unique Chinese nostalgic experience to its visitors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – come check it out before February 12th! Fabulous folks!