Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design Alumna Neelapat Posuwattanakul (AR batch #10) Makes a Generous Donation to Seub Nakhasathien Foundation
Neelapat Posuwattanakul is a source of great pride for the Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, which has a long history of developing extraordinary talents in the field of art and design. The renowned artist has recently received a lot of praise for her outstanding work in the art world and in environmental protection. The beautiful drawings by Neelapat, a prolific NFT artist and owner of the popular page “Royal Blue on the Earth,” have garnered media attention.
Inspired by a genuine care for Earth’s future, Neelapat founded the motivational campaign “Art for the Better Planet.” Her aim was to utilize her artistic talent to make a positive impact on the environment. In her unwavering commitment to this cause, she embarked on a remarkable program that has now come to fruition.
Neelapat’s brilliant idea involved creating exquisite scarves adorned with prints of her captivating drawings. These scarves, featuring her mesmerizing tinted-blue-colored artwork, her repertoire, became highly sought after by art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Neelapat made the deliberate decision to donate all profits from the sale of these scarves to Seub Nakhasathien Foundation— a charity well-known for its dedication to safeguarding forests and animals.
Seub Nakhasathien Foundation, which bears the name of the late Thai conservationist Seub Nakhasathien, has been at the vanguard of environmental protection for decades. With a mission to protect precious ecosystems and promote sustainable practices, the foundation has garnered a great deal of national and international respect and reverence.
Neelapat’s altruistic effort was well appreciated. Her scarves flew off the shelves as fans bought them to show their support for her and Seub Nakhasathien Foundation. The campaign was successful in its fundraising goals and in raising public awareness about the critical nature of preserving our natural resources.
Neelapat Posuwattanakul has been honored by the Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design for her exemplary work and generous nature. Students at the prestigious school can take inspiration from her commitment to using her work as a tool for social good. The donation to the Seub Nakhasathien Foundation by Neelapat exemplifies the transforming power of art and the significant impact that individuals may have in protecting our planet’s delicate ecosystems.
The world awaits Neelapat’s next artistic creations with bated breath as she cements her reputation as a leading figure in the NFT artists’ community and a staunch supporter of environmental protection. She has shown artists and activists everywhere that one person can make a difference by her dedication, ability, and enthusiasm for making the world a better place.