In a remarkable achievement, a team of talented students from the Interior Design department at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design has emerged victorious in the “Trash to Treasure Art Contest 2022.” The competition, organized by a group of five organizations dedicated to sustainability, aimed to promote the concept of circular economy and encourage the reuse of waste materials.
The project required participants to develop either a 2D or 3D artwork fabricated entirely from discarded items. This unique initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and inspire the public to embrace sustainable practices in their daily lives. Out of a staggering 170 entries received from across the nation, the student team from our School managed to capture the attention of the jury with their exceptional design under the concept “CACTUS.” Their masterpiece, crafted from repurposed trash, stood out for its innovative approach and aesthetic appeal.
The winning team, composed of Thiri Yadanar Win, Thaw Shoom Thin Zar, and Kyaw Zin Thi Ha, exhibited their extraordinary creation at the highly anticipated Sustainability Expo 2022 event, held at Sirikit Convention Center. The team’s advisors, lecturers Apinantaya Bua-iam and Daruswat Wattanarojjananikorn, played a crucial role in guiding and supporting the students throughout the competition.
By clinching the Jury Award, the Interior Design students have not only brought glory to the Interior Design department and the School but have also demonstrated the talent and ingenuity of the next generation of sustainable designers. Their accomplishment serves as an inspiration for others to explore creative ways to address environmental challenges and promote a circular economy.
Congratulations to the talented team and their dedicated advisors for this remarkable achievement, which highlights the importance of sustainability in the world of art and design.