Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design is thrilled to kick off this year’s LECTURE SERIES with a captivating talk titled “Designers, Not Design.” We invite all students, design enthusiasts, and the wider public to join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking event.
Renowned speaker Jak Drinnan, founding member of Tekne Lab, will take the stage to share his unique insights and experiences in the world of architecture. With a dynamic approach that challenges conventional thinking, Jak’s talk promises to inspire, inform, and ignite your imagination.
“Designers, Not Design” is the theme of this year LECTURE SERIES carefully crafted to encourage a fresh perspective on the discipline, pushing boundaries and questioning traditional norms. This event is an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights from a visionary in the field.
Don’t pass up the chance to learn new things and talk to other people who share your passion for design. Participate in this life-changing event on July 13, 2023. At 1:30pm, please join us at the AR Minitheater.
Get ready to be moved by Jak Drinnan’s astonishing talk, and stay tuned for additional information!