Project introduction

In contemporary society, cosmetic surgery has become one of the most interesting issues, especially among women. They have begun to focus on external beauty more. It is like the trend in nowadays that most of people expect to do the cosmetic surgery at least once time in life. This make the attitude toward cosmetic surgery seem like contrast from decade. The aim of making the beauty complex project is to serve the amount of number of the medical tourism that increasing rapidly in every year as Thailand becomes the medical hub in Asia. This makes a lot of income to Thailand. Not only the cosmetic surgery that really popular for the foreigners but also including the natural treatment like natural spa and treatment that the tourist need to do. We must accept that most of the medical tourism choosing to do cosmetic surgery in Thailand because they want to have a vacation in Thailand, therefore, to make the one-stop-service that have good international standard for serving convenience service to customer is a chance to persuade more tourist. The increasing of income make more investable in beauty clinic that may make the flaw in some case, therefore, making one-stop-service that provide all beauty service can set the standard for all beauty network in Thailand.

Design concept

Everyone has nature beauty in their own but no one satisfied with it, so to make perfection in their mind, using some equipment can help them like take-care themselves or doing plastic surgery. This create a self-confident to their opinion The diagonal line – represent the people in nowadays who have self-confident and up to date people Inserting the nature scheme to the concept is to treat the patient environment to feel more relaxing as the research came that the patient need the atmosphere which making them feel good for recovery therefore, adding some natural like tree or the water can heeling them better.



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