‘A Market’ is simply a public place for the transactions between buyers and sellers. Yet, apart from the lateral outcome, it is a place for human socialization beyond the familiar acquaintances. The project attempts a redevelopment of the Phatthalung Municipal Market with more additions of social and physical aspects to the original market place. It will be trading center of the city and support low level trade and the economy sector. The area has significant landmark, the two big historical mountains. The mountains embrace the city where market is located in the center. The justification of a market place is essential in this context as it is an entity which is familiar and runs parallel within local people lifestyle. This makes the entire area cohesive and will link other zones in order to develop and build new social and physical integration. The market would attract people through a variety of activities in the market, which are arrayed along the major interior pedestrian boulevard. This circulation is intentionally open with frequent active entries along the streets that allow the market to operate as a contemporary version of a traditional bustling market. In turn, rather than only being a terminus, the building becomes an integrated constituent of the urban fabric, of Phatthalung city.




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